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About Us

At Recycling Villa, we make customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Since 2019, we have provided a wide range of extensive recycling services to residents and businesses in India .


Our goal is to simplify the recycling process and help you achieve all of your recycling needs through a number of our programs.

As your industry-leading recycling Facility, we provide environmentally safe and efficient solutions to help reduce waste and process reusable materials. Our operational services are meant to simplify the recycling process and are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Contact us or visit our drop-off center and start the process with us today!

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Our Mission

We consider E-Waste not as waste, but a resource for recovery in an environmentally friendly manner to protect environment.

Our motto is 3 R’s Reduce. Reuse and recycle, through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology.

Our country, needs simpler cost-effective technologies with maximum resource recovery of metals, plastic and glass by recycling electronic waste in environmentally friendly way.

Recycling Villa has taken lot of steps and measures for conservation of natural resource.

Recycling Villa has various processing technologies for plastic waste including MLP or its End-of-Life applications like waste of energy.

Benefits of E-waste Recycling.

The benefits of recycling e-waste are easy to identify. We live in a world where almost everyone owns an electronic gadget. New electronic devices require a lot of energy and resources to create. Rapid changes and improvements in electronic gadgets means older ones are discarded, and become e-waste. As reported by the U.N., 6.3 million tons of e-waste is generated in the USA alone on an annual basis. Imagine the amount of energy and resources wasted and the large landfills occupied, rendering land useless for decades.

To conserve energy, resources, and save space that landfills cover recycling electronic waste becomes a necessity

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