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Mission for School

The Programme has been designed to create awareness on critical environmental issues including e-waste and inspiring students to adopt preventive environmental strategies in their daily lives. The programme is designed to create an environmental movement in schools with teachers playing a leading role. The challenge for schools today is to create an education approach that is agile, adaptable and in-tune with the lives of students outside of the classroom and their future career. Schools need to create opportunities that allow students to become aware of real-world problems and makes them future ready. This programme is designed to deploy contemporary pedagogical practices in the classroom to develop the 21st century skills of real-world problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication and ICT competencies. The curriculum consisting of a toolkit of activities is intended for class 5 to 10.

Bulk Consumer Programme

Over 75% of e-waste in India comes from public or private organisations which use electronics in large quantities, hence they have been given specific responsibilities under the -Waste (Management) Rules 2016 to ensure this e-waste does not go into the informal sector or landfills. Our bulk Consumer Programme is designed to not only make bulk consumers aware of their responsibilities under the E-Waste Rules, but also to help them establish thought leadership by being a part of a larger movement towards building a legitimate, responsible and environmentally sound system for e-waste management.

The programme offers:

  • 100% assurance that e-waste will be recycled in an environmentally sound and socially responsible way

  • Ease of use

  • Data management for filing of annual e-waste returns to Pollution Control Board

  • Employee awareness campaigns

  • A fair price for the acquisition of e-waste Under the Bulk Consumer Programme also engages with Colleges and Universities. The awareness campaigns in institutions involve employees as well as students. Collection drives can be arranged involving students, employees and management.

Waste Picker Programme

Most e-waste in the country is currently collected by waste pickers from individual households and further sold to waste aggregators who then sell it to informal recyclers.

Waste pickers are a very important link in the chain of e-waste management to enable responsible recycling. However, they are currently marginalised and do not have a consistent and legal source of income. This programme is designed to provide waste collectors a sustainable livelihood by bringing them into the formal sector and giving them a legal identity as a link in the producer take-back channel.

The programme enables e-waste handlers to grow with pride and is designed to:

  • Build capacity of waste pickers on e-waste collection

  • Enable informal waste pickers to become formalised as a part of the take-back channel

  • Provide financial incentives to collect e-waste We work with various social ventures and civil society groups to support waste pickers and create livelihood opportunities. If you are an aggregator or an NGO working with waste pickers you can join hands with us to provide waste pickers a sustainable livelihood and grow with pride!

Waste Aggregator Programme

In India, over 95% of e-waste reaches informal sector aggregators who sell their e-waste to informal sector recyclers who use crude methods for recycling including open air burning of wires and cyanide based acid baths for leaching of precious metals. This causes significant damage, both to human health and the environment. We work with informal sector aggregators to create opportunities to become formal actors in the waste management system, and grow their businesses in a safe, sustainable way.

We work with the informal sector workers to help them develop new skills, open bank accounts, register their companies and pay taxes.

The programme enables e-waste aggregators to grow with pride and is designed to:

  • Build capacity of waste aggregators on e-waste collection

  • Raise awareness on the need of responsible recycling of e-waste and the need to stop selling collected e-waste to informal recyclers

  • Enable informal waste aggregators to become formalised as a part of the take-back channel

  • Provide an option to sell and collect e-waste

Repair and Retail Shops Programme

Retail shops and last mile repair shops are important links in the e-waste value chain as this is where most products at the end-of-life land. Our Repair and Retail Shops Programme works with these shops to help them become a part of authorised producer take-back channelization system and strengthen the e-waste ecosystem. Our efforts with these shops ensures that no e-waste from here goes to landfill or informal recycling channels. These shops also serve as an awareness channel for consumers that come to drop off their electronics for repairs.

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