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If it’s not yet the end-of-life of electronic or IT equipment, we revive it. Refurbishing electronics is not just adding value to consumers and brands, but is also about honouring the environment.

With the vision for a sustainable tomorrow, RECYCLING VILLA has a robust and extensive refurbishing model in place. With the best-in-class technology and stringent procedures, we ensure the eco-friendly reuse of electronics by extending their functional life. Our operations of refurbishing and repairing mobile phones and IT goods makes us one of the largest in the country. Henceforth, the goods to be refurbished are sourced from multiple channels across the country. These are worked upon, upgraded, and restored to full functionality by our highly trained and skilled technicians, that use cutting edge technology under Clean Room conditions. The process is extensive which involves 4 key steps:


  • Thorough and rigorous Inspection of goods received to gauge functional and cosmetic defects.

  • Mending the problem areas spotted, to carry out detailed Refurbishing

  • Aiming for near perfection- Reconditioning of every product is done efficiently.

  • Ready & refurbished goods are then Packaged with utmost care under strict checks to evaluate the complete condition of each product.

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