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Clean Environment Begins With Recycling Villa

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We face a new problem every day, some of which are within our control and some are beyond our control.

Today we will talk about what is in our control. The biggest problem of every country in the world is garbage, due to which diseases are arising and our environment is deteriorating.

My name is Mohammad Ahad, I am a businessman and environmentalist by profession, running a recycling company named Recycling Villa located in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Mainly my team works to recycle e-waste, paper waste and plastic waste without harming the environment. Also we make recycled products from paper waste with plant seeds like pens, pencils, seed paper and other stationery items

I speak on environmental issues every day, do awareness seminars, explain to people. In this, whatever expenses are involved in the events, I myself do it, you can think why I am doing this. I also have my own interest in this because I want my children to get clean air and a clean environment when they step into this world. You also have to think because being a responsible person we have the responsibility of our children, our family, our city, our state, our country.

I try my best to make people understand my words and start a clean world.

What do we need to live in the world? Clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean environment. But in today's time pollution has increased so much that it is out of our control. Everyday new diseases are arising in the human body and this is due to our mistakes. Because we have polluted the environment ourselves, we are destroying our own environment and the generations to come.

Whether you are businessman, employed or unemployed, it is our responsibility to keep our environment clean, do not litter around us, when our body is clean then only we can do something for our family and children.

Human body is an invaluable asset given to us by God, when the body is clean then only we can win the battle of daily expenses, our desires and successful personality.

If we think that only government will do everything then it is impossible, we have to give equal support in this campaign.

Mod Ahad


Recycling Villa :

further we will continue

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